How to choose soldering/welding material

October 30, 2022
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How to choose welding materials?


1. To meet the performance of welded joints


This performance includes many aspects, such as: strength at high temperature, impact toughness, chemical composition, hardness, strength at room temperature and so on. In addition, technical standards and other special requirements should also be considered, such as: high temperature oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, strength and so on. These properties must be fully considered in the selection. 2. It is necessary to meet some requirements on the welding performance of the welded joint and the performance of the manufacturing process


In welding, for various materials and structures, certain cutting and various forming work must be carried out. These processes include stamping, turning, planing, rolling, bending and so on. This requires welding materials to have various performance requirements such as cutting performance, high temperature comprehensiveness and so on. The selection of welding materials and the quality of process performance directly affect the quality of welding. These performance requirements cannot be ignored.


3. The selection of welding materials should be reasonable and economical


In the selection, we must first meet the performance requirements of the production process and other aspects, but while meeting these requirements, we should also pay attention to choosing cheap materials, and choose cheap materials to reduce production costs and improve profit. Pay attention to comparison and reference in many aspects when purchasing, shop around, know what you know, and choose welding materials with suitable performance and low price to reduce manufacturing costs.